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Kinkead Library: Artificial Intelligence

Information for the Brigidine Community

Research with integrity - think about what you write.

Image by T. Byrne using Canva

Academic research, such as writing an essay for a History assignment, involves reading for understanding, then expressing thoughts and ideas in your own words.

It is important that you do this as your written assignment submission will be checked by Turnitin when it is submitted to Canvas. Turnitin will report on any text matched against other submissions across the world.

It will also report on any text found to have been written with the aid of Artifical Intelligence.

  • Include all sources in your bibliography.
  • Cite any use of AI sources of information (*you can check HERE)
  • Be sure to cite your sources carefully using in-text citations.
  • See the referencing guidelines page for further information.
  • Take time to do things right and don't take short cuts.
  • In addition to citing and referencing, the school also requires that you declare any use of generative AI, including:

    1) how you used it and  2)prompts you have used
  • Write this at the end of your bibliography. This will be checked by your teacher and if there is significant AI score your teacher will see your Declaration of use.






*With thanks to Monash University Library