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Kinkead Library: Referencing guidelines

Information for the Brigidine Community

Referencing Guides: APA and Harvard

Brigidine College prefers the Harvard referencing style. APA is sometimes preferred by our Science Faculty. Please check with your teacher. 

Using Images

When search for images, it is easier to apply filters to your search in Google images. After choosing Images, select TOOLS then select LABELED FOR NONCOMMERCIAL REUSE.



Note you still have to acknowledge the owner of the image and check the attribution conditions.


Check your writing for originality, firstly by asking yourself an honest question: "Have I had assistance from other sources to construct this research task?" If the answer is 'Yes' or 'Maybe' then you probably need to ensure you are being fair in your practices. You can cite others' words, in fact this is good academic practice (in-text referencing). But you cannot submit a work that contains sentences, paragraphs or sections which you did not write.

In Year 10 all students complete the All My Own Work program. If you recall, you must give credit and acknowledge your sources. To check the originality of your work, the Turnitin program is used. Students and teachers may see the originality report and act upon it. If a teacher has cause for concern that your work lacks originality, questions will be asked, and the penalty can be very high, such as being accused of cheating and plagiarism, and scoring zero for assessment tasks.

Plagiarism is a serious issue and students in secondary and tertiary institutions must do all they can to prevent an accusation. Be fair, and acknowledge your sources. 

Chat/GPT  is the innovative use of Artificial Intelligence. Some students may think that this is a solution to all their assessment task worries. You are cautioned against submitting work created using Chat/GPT or any other AI software. Open AI is the company which has written code to 'train' the Chatbots to collect information relating to your search query and put it together into an answer for you. This information may be incorrect. In addition, the use of third party sources such as AI is considered to be plagiarism. If used and submitted as your own work, the source of the information must be acknowledged.