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REL 11: Judaism: Home

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Jewish Identity  - The essential and notable characteristics of the faith, both outward and inward facing.

Jewish Adherents - People who adhere or 'stick to' the faith.

Religiously Observant - A person who celebrates all aspects of the faith including daily, weekly and seasonal celebrations.

Sacred texts and writings - Awareness of the special texts and teachings in Judaism.

Pesach - The celebration of Passover.

Writing 'G-dinstead of 'God'.



Databases for academic articles and book chapters

Go to eResources in the Canvas Library course and use specific search terms.


You can search for eBooks on your topic and download chapters.

Also try Google Books (where you may get a limited range of content to read and download) and Google Scholar, which may assist with finding useful content.

You may also use the State Library of NSW eResources if you have an access card. It is easy to apply for a card. Please see Library staff.


Books in the Library