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Year 10 History

Freight car, Auschwitz II- Birkenau, by Sinsk. Image is from Wikimedia Commons.

Antisemitism was a centuries-long phenomenon in Europe, but it reached its height in Germany during the Nazi era (1933–1945). Source: National WWII Museum, New Orleans.

Where one burns books, there one eventually burns people. (H. Heine,1820)


Books in the Library

Timeline of events

Penguin Books: On Mein Kampf:

It is the most notorious political tract of the twentieth century, a mixture of unreliable autobiography and half-baked political philosophy...


The Nazi Party, founded in 1919 and led by Adolf Hitler, gave political expression to theories of racism. In part, the Nazi Party gained popularity by disseminating anti-Jewish propaganda. Millions bought Hitler's book Mein Kampf (My Struggle), which called for the removal of Jews from Germany. (Holocaust Encyclopedia)

  • From 1933 Hitler began to enact his plan
  • 1936 Olympics - no Jews allowed to compete
  • Destruction of the synagogues
  • Nuremberg Laws make Jews 2nd class citizens
  • No democratic rights
  • No inter-racial relationships
  • Kristallnacht - Businesses of Jewish people smashed, looted and destroyed
  • Mass exodus of Jews fleeing Europe in fear, 1938