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Image: View of the west side of Manhasset Bay Long Island, New York, by Fred Hsu. GNU free documentation license.

"...the unreliable narrator may be a deliberate manipulator, wanting nothing more—or less—than to mess with the reader’s mind..."  Elizabeth Brooks (from 10 great novels with unreliable narrators)

In New York, almost 75% of the state's revenue was derived from liquor taxes. With Prohibition in effect, that revenue was immediately lost....The growth of the illegal liquor trade under Prohibition made criminals of millions of Americans.  Unintended consequences of Prohibition.


Go to the Canvas Library course eResources and select JSTOR and Literary Reference Centre to find articles about the novel and F. Scott Fitzgerald. You are strongly encouraged to use the databases, books of literary criticism, or the internet links below. A general Google search will reveal that there is a lot of unremarkable content published on the internet about this novel. Be wise and choose credible sources. Articles and essays published in authoritative journals and books are better choices than using content randomly uploaded to the internet by unknown sources.

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