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A large selection of resources can assist you. Issues in Society booklets can be downloaded from the Library course in Canvas. See eResources.


Psychology Today

The Conversation

Organisation: Reach Out Australia Videos

The ABS is an essential source of information. Data is collected on everything!

This will link to Statistics about people.

Australian Government website  - key research body.

Television series to consider:

Reputation Rehab (ABCTV, iView and Clickview) A humorous series about management of reputation, but it also indicates attitudes and behaviours, and what is tolerated in society.

Ahn's Brush with fame. (ABCTV, iView and Clickview) In this series, Ahn discusses life changing events with people while painting their portraits. Of note are Todd Sampson (Advertising executive), Michelle Payne (Jockey), Sophie Delezio (A childhood mostly spent in hospital), Dr Richard Harris (Thailand group cave rescue), Lisa Wilkinson (Journalist & feminist from humble background). 

You can't ask that. (ABCTV, iView and Clickview). Episodes to note are Kids, Public Housing; Medallists, Deaf, Intersex, Domestic and family violence.

Landline, Backroads and Australian Story (ABCTV, iView). Each series has a variety of stories about Australia and it's people. Backroads features rural Australian towns and the people and industry in them.

7 UP series (SBS on Demand) A series of programs where film crews commenced filming and interviewing children at age 7, then catch up with participants every seven years.

Insight (SBS) Weekly series with special discussion topics and studio audience.

Who do you think you are? New series 2023 (SBS on Demand). A series tracing the family history of celebrity individuals.

Filthy rich and homeless (SBS on Demand). A financially secure group spend time living the way Homeless people live, in order to experience another perspective.

Once upon a time in Punchbowl (SBS and Clickview). Episode 1 is called Family Histories.

Four Corners (ABCTV) documentary and investigative programs are often recorded and available on Clickview.

Technology resources

Microsoft FORMS is the preferred data collection tool for surveys. Find it in your OFFICE 365 link.

Infographic from AIFS

Documentaries about non-traditional families and relationships.